FireQuip Hydro Flow Attack Line

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Extruded-thru-the-weave nitrile rubber small diameter hose.


Fire hose is one of the most important tools used by the fire department.  As such, the following specification must be strictly adhered to unless the proposed specification exceeds specification listed.  Only the fire department can determine if a proposed product meets and exceeds these specifications.


Hose meeting specification shall be made from 100% high tenacity synthetic yarn, circularly woven and completely protected and locked-in by a tough, highly resistant synthetic, extruded-through-the-weave nitrile rubber, forming a unitized construction without use of glues or adhesives of any type.  Hose meets all requirements of NFPA 1961.

  1. Lining Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength of the lining and cover shall not be less than 1200 PSI. Ultimate Elongation shall be 400 percent minimum.  Accelerated Aging Test consists of the tensile strength and ultimate elongation of the vulcanized rubber compound which has been subjected to the action of oxygen at a pressure of 300 PSI and a temperature of 158 degrees for a period of 96 hours while retaining 60 percent of its originally stated properties.

  1. Abrasion Resistance

Hose shall withstand 10,000 cycles on the Taber Abrasion Machine (H-22 Wheel: 1 kg).  Firequip Inc. will provide written warranties that the Hydro Flow-Lite SDH Supply Line meets a minimum of 10,000 cycles.  Other abrasion test results (DIN, UL, etc.) can be supplied on request.

  1. Cold Resistance

Hose shall have a capability of use down to -35 degrees F.  Hose shall have no apparent damage to cover, reinforcement or lining when subjected to the following cold bending test. A 50 ft. length of dry hose is to firmly coiled and placed in a cold box at -35 degrees F for duration of 24 hours.  Immediately after removal of the hose from the box, hose should be uncoiled and laid out by the operator.  Following this procedure, the hose shall not leak nor show any damage to the reinforcement when subjected to the hydrostatic acceptance test pressures.

  1. Heat Resistance

When subjected to a static pressure of 100 PSI, hose shall be capable of withstanding a surface temperature of 1200 degrees F for minimum of one minute without rupture or damage to the synthetic reinforcement.

  1. Ozone Resistance

Hose shall show no visible signs of cracking to the lining or cover when tested in accordance to ASTM D518 Procedure B, 100pphm at 118 degrees F for 70 hours.

  1. Chemical Resistance:

Exposure to sea water and contamination by most chemical substances, hydrocarbons, oils, alkalis, acids, and greases must have no effect on the short or long term performance of the hose.  A chemical resistance chart is available and Firequip Inc. will provide specific chemical resistance data on request for unique applications.

  1. Color

Color shall be of HIGH VISIBILITY yellow or red.  Other colors are available upon request.

  1. Couplings

As required by purchaser with expansion ring threaded couplings as standard.

  1. performance characteristics

10.1            Hydrostatic Pressure Test: The hose shall comply with the National Fire Protection Association Standard: NFPA 1961 Current Edition.

10.2            Low Friction Loss:  The ultra-smooth lining and resilient expansion qualities provide maximum flow with minimum fiction loss.

10.3            Ease of Handling:                Unique thin rib construction provides a very flexible, kink resistant, maneuverable hose which packs tightly in hose bed.


11.1            Quality Standard: Hose is designed and tested to meet NFPA 1961 (current edition) Standards on Fire Hose.  The manufacturer shall be ISO 9001-2008 quality certified.  The fire hose furnished under the terms of this proposal has a potential service life of ten years, barring mistreatment or accidental damage that would render the hose unfit for service.


The manufacturer warrants the hose to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten years.  This warranty shall provide for the repair or replacement of hose and couplings proven to have failed due to faulty material or workmanship