Aluminum Low Flow Strainer

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  • Professionally designed & engineered for maximum pumping capacity
  • Al-Mag castings - proven to be the toughest in the industry!
  • The Low-Flow™ Low-Level will perform at maximum pumping capacity down to a water level of 1.5" - 2" depending on your set up area.
  • Flow Rate - Tested with 6" Low-Flow™ Low-Level rate is 1700 - 2000 GPM.  The flow rates may vary due to the design of the pumper and the set up area of your pumper and Fol-Da-Tank.
  • Use of a male and female SST flange mounted on the side wall of your Fol-Da-Tank will eliminate the lifting factor when pumping from the side of the tank.
  • Long handle swivels with standard NH or NPSH threads
  • Surface turbulence will not affect this strainer
  • The Low-Flow™ Low-Level is easily stored in truck compartments and can be preattached to hard suction hose
    (NFPA 1142 Compliant)