FireQuip Ultra Combat

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Outer Jacket: 100% Polyester Filament Yarn

Inner Jacket/Lining: Synthetic Yarn with Nitrile Rubber Extruded-thru-the-Weave Resulting in a one-piece construction

One Inch Wide White Stripe with Border Tracer Lines Runs Length of Hose, Both Side


  • High Rise Packs
  • Ideal for Internal Attack Line
  • Municipal Attack Line
  • Master Stream Appliances
  • CAFS Applications
  • Confined Space Fire Fighting

Flow Characteristics: Oversized 1.88” Waterway Delivers More Water, Very Low Friction Loss

Virtually Kink Resistant, Unbeatable Anti-Kink Performance

Higher Pressure Rating than Conventional Hose

Lowest Drag Co-efficient Available resulting in less abrasion

Lightweight for reduced firefighter fatigue

Incredible Puncture Resistance

Highly Visible Day-Glo Colors

Meets and exceeds NFPA Standard 1961, current edition