FireWrap Grip Kit by Fire Maul Tools

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Bring home our patented FireWrap® grip system for your own tools! The only made-for-firefighter grip kit with ultra durable Fiber Tape and custom Lacing Ring system. Finished wraps include our liquid grip with extra grit finish. Available in a variety of colors, including our FireWrap® GLOW option. Finally, an easy to install, true grip system engineered for all firefighter hand tools! Game changer!

The FireWrap® grip system is a ultra-durable, shock absorbing, high performance grip system that is deconable. Easily wash off contaminants! Hockey tape and paracord absorb and hang on to cancer causing agents. Stop re-wrapping your tools constantly and keep your tools clean with a FireWrap® grip!

This kit includes everything you need to complete 20" of grip on axes and striking tools. NY hooks and halligan bars may receive up to 40” of grip. You can grip up to two tools with one kit.

Add extra jars of liquid grip to create multi-colored grips or add a glow in dark accent!

FireWrap Grip Kits Include:
10 Lacing Rings
2oz Liquid Grip
3" X 96" Fiber Tape
Vinyl Gloves
Paint Brush
Compression Strip

Available Single Colors: Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, or Blue
Available GLOW Colors: GLOW Aqua or GLOW Green