Elkhart Chief XD 1.5" FNH Mid-Low Range Nozzle - Pistol Grip

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The Chief XD takes the industry standard for handline nozzles to a whole new level. It offers accurate high volume flows at low tip pressures and is built tough like no other nozzle for Xtreme Duty, or XD. The Chief XD is the only handline nozzle that offers a forged shutoff body and forged metal bale handle for maximum strength. It also includes as standard a full round metal ball for the best stream performance, as well as fixed molded urethane or spinning stainless steel metal teeth that don’t break. All indicators and markings are laser etched, with no labels to peel off or scratch. Ergonomic grip inserts help with handling and can also be color coded. It’s durability and efficiency ensures an embedded level of safety for you and your crew, fire after fire.