FireQuip DJ800

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Inner/Outer Jacket: 100% High Tenacity Spun Polyester

Lining: Thermo-Polyurethane (TPU) Liner Bond with Inner Woven Jacket.

Protective Treated Coating: Impregnated by a mechanical process to provide a total saturation of a synthetic polymeric treatment, heat fused within and on the outside of the woven jacket. The coating provides superior abrasion, heat, flame, and chemical resistance plus reduces water absorption.

Kink Resistance: Great anti-kink performance with low pressure nozzle.

Drag Resistance: Much less drag resistance than conventional hose.


  • High Rise Packs
  • Master Stream Appliances
  • Municipal Attack for Big Water
  • Relay Pumping
  • Crash/Fire
  • CAFS Applications

Flow Characteristics: 1-3/4” has enhanced waterway. Enlarged 1.88” Waterway delivers Highest Flows Available.

Superb Abrasion Resistance: Virtually no signs of wear when subjected to standard FM abrasion test.

Outstanding Heat Resistance: 6x more heat resistant than conventional hose.

No Delamination of Liner.

Meets and exceeds NFPA Standard 1961, current edition