Cairns 1836 Tradition Fire Helmet *Johnsons Special*

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New Cairns 1836 Traditional Fire Helmet offers comfort, ease of adjustment, light weight, low ride height, and ease of cleaning. The Cairns 1836 Traditional Fire Helmet heralds in a new era of performance with innovative features, without compromising quality, durability, and safety that is expected from MSA Cairns.

  • One of the lightest weight traditional-style helmets on the market
  • Low ride height helps provide excellent comfort and balance
  • New anchor base for quick assembly and disassembly
  • Quick-connect soft goods and earlaps for ease of cleaning
  • New articulating Defender® Visor
  • New expanded and pivoting ratchet offers adjustable fit for diverse head sizes, hairstyles, and headwear

Standard headband liner is "standard comfort". Standard earlaps are "black nomex". Front holder is "6" carved eagle". Chinstrap is "quick release buckle w/ postman's slide". Trim is "reflexite". Trim color is "lime yellow".