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We produce 6 foot rescue straps with a breaking strength of 4000 lbs made from 1 inch tubular webbing. The strap is 6 foot in length with 4 loops used as handles. We have several colors to choose from and custom straps can be made. Not only are these straps used for firefighters, but we have customers using them in law enforcement,tree services,construction,landscaping and the lumber industry for dragging trees. Uses included, victim dragging, patient lifting,door control,hose and ladder securing, tool handling,bunching and dragging brush, tree dragging, bunching and carrying lumber,furniture and appliance lifting and the list goes on and on!! Anyplace where a handle can benefit you to make your job easier,faster and safer, we've got you covered. You may find similar products out there, but you won't find any made with the quality we personally put into each and every strap. Firefighter made and Firefighter tested. Coming from a profession where we can break and anvil with rubber mallet, We make sure these are the strongest and most durable out there!!!!Give us a try you won't be disappointed.


"Howd Strap"