R&B Urban Rescue Back Pack

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A true rescue backpack with a wide variety of uses from search and rescue, air service, or a squad. The main compartment is fully padded with closed cell foam for protection. All internal pockets are held in place by Velcro® and are removable. The backpack has a web carrying handle and padded contoured shoulder straps, chest strap and a waist strap. A false back allows for storage of shoulder straps when they are not needed. The front has a zippered storage compartment that measures 10” W x 15”H x 3”D. On each side is a removable 5”W x 11”H x 2”D pocket. 3M™heat applied silver reflective trim is used to minimize contamination. The orange and navy packs have a silk-screened white Star of Life. The black packs do not have a Star of Life or reflective trim. Made of Cordura® nylon with a #10YKK heavy duty, self-repairing nylon zipper, the main compartment flap has an 18” slot pocket and six clear vinyl attached compartments. The pack will hold a “C” or “D” size oxygen sleeve or may be rearranged without an oxygen tank. This is available in orange, black or navy. The weight is 44 oz. and the overall dimensions of 11” W x 20” H x 6”D.

Empty: No pockets or cylinder sleeve

Kit A: 9 small pockets, 1 long pocket no oxygen cylinder sleeve

Kit BC: 5 small pockets. 1 long pocket, 1 “C” cylinder sleeve

Kit BD: 5 small pockets. 1 long pocket, 1 “D” cylinder sleeve