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What is the KLEAN/pak?
A complete portable disinfection system that’s designed for helping businesses and institutions open safely and have an ongoing program to disinfect medium and large sized areas and equipment. It is NOT a misting system for indoor use.
What does the system include?
A 5 gallon handled pail, flat fan spray nozzle with extendable wand, and an operation valve that allows users to adjust the concentration of disinfectant from Zero to 9 US ounces per gallon of water.
What do I need to add to the kit to use the KLEAN/pak?
(2) 50’ standard garden hoses for the inlet and outlet connections plus any one of the compatible dilutable liquid disinfectants found on the EPA’s List N--Products with Emerging Viral Pathogens AND Human Coronavirus claims for use against SARS-CoV-2.
Where can the KLEAN/pak be used?
Almost every business, municipality, industrial facility, school or recreation area has areas and equipment that need disinfection to protect the public. Outdoor seating areas, shopping carts, showers, playgrounds, stadiums, amusement parks, and golf carts are just a few of the hundreds of spaces and equipment that can be made safe again.
How is the KLEAN/pak different from the PRO/pak and the DECON/pak?
5 Gallon Pail in place of 2.5 Gallon Tote, Standard Garden Hose Inlet and Outlet, Metering Valve Mix Ratios (0 to 9) Calibrated for Disinfectant Use Rather Than Foam or Detergent, EPDM Pick Up Tube, Fan Nozzle is Modified for Smaller Flow Rates and Includes Extension Wand, and a One Year Warranty.